Drug Free Workplace

Drug Free Workplace


Drug-Free Workplace is not just our business, we are passionate about making the workplace safer by eliminating the dangers of drugs and alcohol from your business. We have worked with thousands of employers in Ohio, throughout the Midwest, in Colorado, and Washington to ensure that your most valuable assets return home to their families in the same manner in which they left. Drugs are a hazard and create a danger and undue burden in the workplace.

As an Account Executive with OhioHealth, our President and founder, Dyann McDowell, received a call in 1997 from an employer struggling with a workforce saturated with heavy drinking on and off the job. That call ignited a passion in her to make the workplace safer, understand the impact, and rid the workplace of the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Onsite Training

Onsite Training sessions delivered at your designated facility. We are HR Professionals that tailor training to your policy, objectives and current situations that are impacting your business. Unlike others, we will not deliver the same materials or bore your team with the typical delivery method other trainers bring to the workplace. We exceed the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensations’ Drug Free Safety Program, Department of Transportation requirements and other State, Federal, Local standards.

Online Training

Online Training sessions provide our newly updated courses that are interactive programs built with our clients in mind. In the midst of COVID-19 many employers have selected our online training courses for their annual training needs, new hires orientation, or and employees working from home. We also have options available for you if you need SCORM compliance for your LMS system.


Train-the-Trainer sessions prepares a members of your team to conduct the employee education and new-hire training. Participants who complete our program are qualified to conduct training. Training materials are customized for your company and includes ongoing support and assistance for a full year at one price, no hidden fees.

Webinar Training sessions

Webinar Training sessions provided for both employee education and supervisor training via web based platforms on a monthly basis are available to all clients. These sessions are designed to accommodate employers with 10 or fewer class members that need to meet the DFSP or DOT training requirements. We also offer web based sessions for your team and as an add-on for employees working from home.


Many employers implement Drug-Free programs to prevent injuries, increase productivity, implement safety protocols, reduce cost, comply with federal, state guidelines, or meet project requirements. Regardless of the reason Training Marbles, Inc. is the expert you need to protect your organization and ensure your most valuable assets return home to their families in the same manner in which they left. Drug and alcohol use/abuse are a hazard that creates a danger and undue burden in the workplace.

The TMI Model is designed to energize your program and support HR policy:

  • Elevate your Drug-Free program and policies.
  • Engage your Employees with unmatched content and thought-provoking materials to educate them about the dangers of substance use/abuse that enables them to protect themselves, contemplate change and educate their families.
  • Equip your Supervisors with the skills necessary to identify a problem and enforce your program. Guarantee: our sessions are NEVER duplicated and live training is customized for your team.

We have helped thousands of private and public sector employers implement the key elements for an effective Drug-Free Workplace program, implement training and administer all elements of the program. Our seasoned professional will help guide you through every element including walking through the scenarios that inevitably will arise with program implementation. We specialize in the training and implementation of your Drug-Free program including:

Employee Education our trained professionals discuss the benefits of wellness and prevention, the problems stemming from drug and alcohol use, and proactive steps to help prevent substance abuse from compromising their safety and productivity. We have over 17 programs available and our ability to customize is the best in the industry.

Employee education including

    • Initial program rollout – no one does it better. Our trainer will seamlessly walk your employees through every element of the Drug-Free program. We’ll answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your Drug-Free program. Our EXPERIENCE is critical because answering your employee’s questions and concerns is vital to program success and buy-in.
    • Annual refresher we engage your team with new material and a fresh perspective that’s designed to ensure your program stays top of mind. Pro-TIP: if your employees dread training, they’re bored, or can recite the information it’s time for a change. Let Training Marbles re-ignite your training program(s)
    • New Hire training as new staff joins your team make sure they understand the Drug-Free program requirements. Let our team do the heavy lifting and deliver this training during orientation via video, webinar, live, or online training options. Laying the foundation for new hires is critical to compliance and if you’re part of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP) and Department of Transportation requirements.

Our program options include:

      •  If you hire less than 10 employees per year or you have multiple locations with small groups online training is a great option that gives you self-paced training for new employees.
      • If you frequently have group orientation sessions our on-demand video will deliver orientation for you. We currently offer an annual membership program that includes New Hire Training video on demand gives you flexibility in delivering this element of orientation.

Give us a call (844)3MARBLES (844)362-7253 ext. 4 and we’ll help you select the right option for your business need.

Supervisor Training our comprehensive skill-building session is designed to empower supervisors with the knowledge necessary to recognize, confirm and confront a potential problem and how to refer an employee for Reasonable Suspicion testing.

  • Initial Training Introduction to Drug-Free – recommended for all new TMI clients this is a skill-building session designed to teach new supervisors to identify, document, confirm and confront drugs and alcohol in the workplace. This is the foundation for Reasonable Suspicion which looks in-depth at our proprietary method and makes the link between reasonable suspicion and performance indicators.
  • Refresher Training builds on the skills learned in the initial training to elevate your Supervisor skills and ability to confront drug and alcohol issues in the workplace. We’ll train on issues including Signs and Symptoms, Medical Marijuana, the Opioid Epidemic…to ensure your Supervisors are ready to protect the Workplace.
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Supervisor Training – This course is designed for managers and supervisors to comply with the entire DOT mandated training requirements. The group size(s) can vary according to the convenience of scheduling personnel.

New Supervisor need training as soon as possible because they’re often unprepared but, most likely to deal with the problems related to drugs and alcohol. Webinar sessions are held monthly see our calendar, online training are great options to ensure they have the skills necessary to confront the dangers of drugs and alcohol use and abuse.

Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP) resources and requirements:

Department of Transportation (DOT) if you are a covered employer the requirements for testing, record keeping and reporting are mandated under the 49 CFR part 40 other industry specific regulations here are the requirements: