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TMI Learning

Providing essential HR training for small-to-medium sized businesses in DEI, Harassment, Drug Abuse, Civility, and much more.

Our Purpose

80% of employees believe that inclusion is important when choosing an employer. 42,000 opioid-related deaths occurred in 2016 ~ leaving to Devastating impacts for both Employers and Employees. At TMI Learning, we strive to educate your team on key issues to reduce harmful behavior and create an environment where employees feel valued.

Industry Experts

With over 20 years of experience...(insert text here)

Fully-Managed Training

Let Training Marbles manage employee compliance and training so that you can focus more on your business. With fully-managed training, TMI Learning will ensure every student is prepared to make your workspace better.

Professional Certification

Whether you're looking to increase employee retention and productivity in the workplace, or trying to maintain enrollment in Ohio's DFSP, TMI Learning will guide your team towards professional certification.

Backed by Training Marbles

TMI Learning is the online training division of Training Marbles, Inc., a recognized and respected leader in the training industry with more than two decades of training and course development experience. Want to learn more? See what makes TMI Learning the best choice for your business.

Who We Work With

What our clients say

I was referred to Dyann, because she has a large knowledge base on Human Resources and the direct impact that marijuana in work place has these days. Sitting in on her training and presentations, she provides technical resources and experience that many in the human resources industry don’t have. She shares this with anyone so, they too can be prepared and equipped to handle the complex employment environment that is among us. Every time I hear her speak, I am learning something new that prepares me for the future and for my clients as well.

Wm. Tracy C. Wichert Insurance

Training Marbles brings new energy and excitement to everyday training topics. I've invited Dyann to speak in a variety of settings, from civic meetings to employee training to professional conference events. Topics have included drug-free workplace, leadership and management; diversity and harassment and generational differences in the workplace. Dyann prepares her material so that it is always relevant to her audience and her delivery is captivating and thought-provoking. This is attested by the quantity and quality of follow-up questions and feedback forms.

Lynn M

We have been working with Dyan McDowell at Training Marbles for about 5 years now. We have continued to work with Dyann because of her high level of knowledge and gift of communication. We have employee training annually and she has a way of making it new and interesting each year. I highly recommend the services of Dyan McDowell and Training Marbles.

Kari Lofland Controller Riverside Electric Inc.

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