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Employee Drug-Free Myths and Facts

Drug-Free Workplace Training is a course that aims to educate employees about the dangers and consequences of substance abuse in the workplace, and to promote a safe, healthy, and productive work environment. The course is suitable for employees in various industries and complies with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP)

4 Lessons

Digital Vision Board

Digital Vision Board is designed as a roadmap to claim the desires of your heart with intention.

0 Lessons

Effective Communication

Effective communication is essential to success and happiness in every aspect of life (both professional and personal). The key Is finding commonalities, knowing your communication style, and playing to your target audience.

1 Lesson

Drug-Free Employee Education 2022

The Employee Drug-Free training is a comprehensive course that prepares participants to recognize substance use and abuse in the workplace. The course discusses problems associated with the use/misuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and the health effects.

1 Lesson

Diversity & Harassment Supervisor Training

This training is designed to assist Supervisors/Managers to build Inclusive teams and understanding their role in behavior changes in the workplace. They will gain insight and understanding regarding Diversity and Harassment in the Workplace.

1 Lesson

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity training is intended to assist employees in recognizing and appreciating differences. This training goes beyond simple awareness to help increase inclusion, reducing acts of incivility and harassment in the workplace.

1 Lesson

Harassment & Discrimination in the Workplace Employee Education

This course is designed to build awareness about Discrimination and Harassment by educating employees on the fundamentals of dignity, respect and creating cultural change as the foundation in the Workplace.

1 Lesson

New Hire Introduction to Drug-Free

New employees need an in depth overview of your Drug-Free Policy. This training is designed to give them the who, what, when, where and how in an interactive format. Employees need a copy of the Companies Drug-Free Policy for this training.

1 Lesson

Supervisor Drug-Free Training

Supervisor Training our comprehensive skill building session designed to empower supervisors with the knowledge necessary to recognize, confirm and confront a potential problem and how to refer an employee for Reasonable Suspicion testing.

We are EXPERTS focused on engaging content that energizes the conversation in the workplace. Workplace excellence starts with employee engagement, growth, and opportunity. Human Resources is the engine that empowers people and TMIlearning is your fuel to success. We are your HR training team, partnering to provide topnotch online training courses for your team. LMS Systems are expensive, empty portals that require quality courses and TMIlearning is your HR partner.


With all the changes in today’s workplace – juggling multiple workforce dynamics and complicated schedules. TMIlearning allows the flexibility for your team complete training anywhere with any device. TMIlearning is the online training division of Training Marbles, Inc., a recognized and respected leader in the training industry with more than two decades of training and course development experience.

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