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Understanding the science of Vision Boards and how our subconscious works is critical to seeking what you want and getting your heart’s desires. In this course, Dyann McDowell will explain Why Vision Boards Work, Making SMART Goals in every area of your life, the MIND Dump, images selection, and making it digital. The next 45 minutes is the BEST investment you can make in yourself.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to be more intentional in their life and understand WHY Vision Board’s actually work. This is not a girl party; it’s seeking, building and accomplishing the things in life that matter to you. These are the lessons I wish someone had taught me in my twenty’s.

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Learning Path

In this lesson Dyann will overview how the mind works and why Vision Boards Work

This lesson is POWERFUL  – what are the things that we do and say that holding us back.

The tips and tricks to resetting the clutter in your mind that has you chasing the hamster wheel.

This is the section where we walk through the apps, gathering the images. It’s critical that every other step and your workbook are complete.


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